How to shortlist the necessary elements of the event?

Posted on 07 October 2019 (0)

Have you ever been to an event that seems as if it had no rhyme or reason? Hopefully you’re not one of the unfortunate souls stuck at Great Exuma at the height (or depths, depending on your point of view) of Fyre Festival. Because underneath the viral stories and meme-able photos from the ill-fated event is a lesson on how to prepare for the worst.

Reality check first hand – some things will go wrong. It’s just a matter of knowing how to respond to things that go wrong in case they happen.

On the other hand, the sooner you anticipate those mishaps through effective planning, the less likely they happen. And it all boils down to having a checklist kept to a bare minimum. What consists of the ideal event planning shortlist worth looking forward to?

  • Planner

There is a good reason behind the surge in demand for event planners. You need someone else to handle the staff assigned to handle the event. Someone to assign tasks to the coordinators necessary to get the show started. Someone to remind hosts of cues to talk and time limits needed before handing the microphone over to the next person assigned to speak. Like if this is your wedding and you would rather enjoy the festivities, leave the burden of getting the occasion on the planner. Chances are the planner is not the same as the maid of honor, bridesmaid or best man. It’s a lot more advantageous to you than you could ever think of.

  • Caterer

Granted that this is your event. But you’re not the only person eating. Also, some of the guests may have eating preferences. Like vegan friends or practicing the strict vegetarian diet. Finding the right caterer for the right crowd means anticipating the kind of meals that your audience preferred. Paying attention to any health specifications as well can mean offering non-fat or non-sugary alternatives. Highly recommended when you have some elderly guests keeping an eye on their blood sugar levels.

  • Photographer

If you have been part of a Boston event staff, you know how some guests would like to have snapshots of themselves at the event. What made THE official photographer a necessity to some corporate events is the level of professionalism needed in photos. Conference event organizers would love to present their delegates in a corporate light. These are the same guests that are free to do their selfies and heart-heart poses on their Snapchats and IG accounts. But if you want the business conference to be taken seriously, get a professional photographer that can bring out the serious business side to the same delegates that attended the event.

If you don’t know yet where to start when it comes to planning any event, this checklist will serve as your best starting point. Some of the most efficient event staff providers in Boston work their magic in helping people like you plan events. A more detailed checklist is available in this link to see how helpful event planning can be once you decide to let us do the dirty work. Contact us to discuss which rates and packages suit you best. We’d be expecting you.

Where to stay in Spain -The best hotels in Spain

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Europe is not exactly the are that comes to mind when planning a beach-themed trip. Or at least a trip to stave off the cold weather off your shoulders. Then again you are reminded of how Spain is found at the Iberian peninsula and how some areas by the coast have become ideal tourist destinations.

AC Hotel Sevilla Forum by Marriot

Yes, a Marriot hotel in one of the top business districts found in the city of Sevilla. Most Spain frequenters found themselves in this hotel after participating in a business conference. You know how some of those conferences got everything covered from the hotel reservation to the convention center attendance to the event space allotted for the after party tete-a-tete. If that conference is staged in Sevilla, chances are this is the hotel where guests will be booked.

Other tourists with time to kill after attending the conference found this hotel helpful to their quest to explore the city further. They must have gotten the ideas in the middle of the trip since AC Hotel Sevilla Forum by Marriot is just 10 kilometers away from the San Pablo International Airport and found by the intersection of the motorway to Madrid. Within walking distance is a cafe serving cakes and tea – a nice spot to hang around after shopping around the same vicinity.

Hotel Vora Fira

Now for some of the tourists attending events staged at the Trade Fair Grounds located in the city of Valencia, Hotel Vora Fira comes first to mind. This is the 4-star hotel that a friend recommended to me after comparing residential maid service in Riverside, CA and hotel maid service found in this hotel. Very modern hotel just like its other target market – technopreneurs with events or conferences to attend at Ciudad De Las Artes Y Ciencias. After attending events at either the Trade Fair Grounds or at the Ciudad, most of their patrons would take a dip by La Malvarrosa Beach.

Onsite, it has a restaurant that serves authentic Mediterranean cuisine. And what better way to enjoy it by dining in Valencia itself. Coffee and other beverages are served 24 hours a day. A pleasant surprise to the more artistically inclined clientele is the art gallery, a tourist genre often associated with the city of Madrid but still catered to in this hotel. What made this hotel even easier to locate is how close it is to the Valencia Airport – just a 4-kilometer drive.

Hotel Las Arenas

This is the hotel destination for other tourists that would love to explore the city of Valencia right from the heart of Poblats Maritims, the center of this modern city. The city center is only 4 kilometers away, not that far when you realize how walking around this city will keep you preoccupied with all the sights and sounds. This spot doubles as a landmark for the other high-profile destinations and as a place to stay for events and attractions staged in the same spots. If your itinerary includes Ciudad or its other prominent tourist hotspot, Oceanografic, then Hotel Las Arenas is the right landmark to use as a starting point.

So checking out some hotels in the hotter spots in Spain helps in planning out your itinerary with any of these spots as starting points. Whether you just got into either of these cities through the planned conferences or because you took advantage of a group rate applicable on certain destinations, these hotels should be on the top of your list when finding areas to stay for the night or two.

Packing right for a trip; things you should never forget to pack

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For those who travel often, we know the most “not so interesting part of every road trip is actually packing for it. there is always just too much to take that it is possible and so many choices to make and sometimes it is just too much and overwhelming that you might end up missing one or two things. Now that could be okay if what you forgot to pack is something not so important, but some things should not just be forgotten. Even if they can’t ruin your entire trip, they can rob you of some fun on your trip.

To start with we recommend that for every trip the best way to ensure that you pack all that you need without missing much is to start early. That way you can pack and re-pack and make sure that you have all that you need.

Those that hit the road regularly know the drill already, for the first time or occasional thrill seeker it might not be that easy to pack your bag. There is nothing wrong with making a list of all the important things you need and checking them out once they are packed. Here are some of the most important things you must never forget to pack for a road trip. 

Dress for the occasion

You can’t just pack your bag full of clothes. You have to ensure that you have clothes packed to suit where you are going. Weather conditions differ especially if you are going on an international trip your regular clothes might not work. You might want to check out what people wear where you are headed so you won’t end up overdressed or underdressed for the occasion.

Pack your documents:

Airport difficulties are one of the downers on any trip and you should do your best to avoid them. Pack all necessary documents. Also if you have booked for hotels and gotten tickets beforehand you should make sure you have all of them with you to avoid unnecessary hassles.

Cash and credit cards

This is one item you’ll be sorry for if you forget to pack. You will most definitely end up stranded away from home if you forget to prepare enough cash or means of getting it easily on your trip.

Important gadgets

With mobile phones that can double as cameras, the days of having to pack heavy cameras on every tour are coming to an end. A trip is all about creating memories and not having something to capture the beautiful moments with is terrible. Other accessories like chargers for your devices, headsets or earplugs etc. should be checked for too. You might also want to take a GPS device with you if you have one especially if you are planning on hitting some rough and remote terrains.

While it is still possible to forget some things, the trick is packing just the right ones to get by successfully and still enjoy your trip and this is not about overloading yourself, you don’t want to do that, traveling light is much better. But don’t miss the essentials.

Check out these awesome packing hacks!

Top historical sites for tourists to visit

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Planet earth has a lot of beautiful places and things to see more than enough to keep a tourism enthusiast occupied for a lifetime. This includes beautiful natural sceneries, landscape, natural and artificial structures. While present-day architectural wonders continue to draw tourists from all over the world, the sites and structures from the ancient past have remained a significant point of call for tourists. Here are some of the top world-renowned historical sites:

Machu Picchu

In the heart of southern Peru, lies a ruined city discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911. The site which was initially an Inca civilization which was abandoned as a result of Spanish invasion has been named as both a UNESCO world heritage center and one of the Seven Wonders of the world. The site continues to host a large number of tourists who visit the site undeterred by the 4-day hike that is required to access the hill on which the site is located.


This is one of the largest and most preserved ruins of the Mayan civilization. It was a bustling city that dominated the Mayan world between 200-900 AD (the classic period). Located deep in the Guatemala jungles in a serene natural environment it continues to draw tourists from far and near.

The Egyptian Pyramids of Gaza

The 3000 years old Egyptian pyramids have fascinated not just tourists but archeologists, architects and even mathematicians who have marveled for so long about how buildings of such great accuracy and architectural finesse could have existed that far back in history. The mystery behind the construction […]

Exploring Austin Texas

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Oh, Austin. Just because this city shows up on tourism packages with the slogan “Keep Austin Weird”, people thought that weirdness is all Austin is about. If only they explored the city outside the SXSW euphoria. Finding a city this interesting meant rediscovering that part of America known for the barbecues, the fusion cuisine and chill places to hang out for the night. And it only gets better once you tried dropping by with these tips at hand.

  • Beware of hotel price hikes during SXSW season.

Austin is the home of SXSW. SXSW stands for South by Southwest, a festival done yearly on this side of Texas celebrating movies, music and other forms of entertainment media. While it is already April, some of these hotels might still be jacking up their rates. So in case you don’t feel like getting that SXSW vibe but still wanted to explore the city during its “off-season”, booking by June like early summer would help.

  • Better breakfasts are found outside your hotel.

Surely, hotels would make it a point to have the local cuisine available in their menu. But knowing how hotel prices affect prices of food sold within their vicinity, So exploring the recommended areas by Austin to check out the Tex Mex variety helps. Some of them may be on your itinerary already. Check out the travel packages that specify which grills and restaurants are included.

  • More options are found in the food truck areas.

Now if you just dropped by Austin because you want to kill time while waiting for your house to get cleaned and dry out the fumes from all of that cleaning solution used on the carpets and rugs and whatever item that needed that kind of cleaning, food trucks are the best pit stops to drop by. Some folks from Oklahoma and nearby states hop into Austin due to the positive word-of-mouth received from other foodies that have explored these food trucks. Beef briskets on a grill to go with the sizzling sausages topped off with the chicken fried steak. Brilliant way to spend the weekend on this side of the lone star state.

  • Night out!

Since barbecue is mentioned, the sensible way to follow up those gustatory delights is by having some drinks to follow. Snacks by the food trucks to be followed by drinks at the Bourbon Beale Street later? Yes, please. Best enjoyed with friends especially if you’re just about to try bourbon drinks for the first time. Other options are found at Rainey Street. An interesting bistro by the name of Alissa’s is found there. If you’d rather have it laid back, watering holes by Rainey Street provide an option for you to drink up and chill.

Learning to come to Austin based on these expectations help in approaching the city based on a laid-back vibe. Because the most underrated aspect of travel is the food and drinks. Either you embrace it along with the amazing scenery and eccentric atmosphere or you just skip to the tacos and barbecue joints. Have a sumptuous food trip ahead.