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Boxing Culture of Mexico

Posted on 20 February 2019 by admin (0)

Although soccer is Mexico’s biggest sport, it would be surprising to find out that till date, boxing has gained Mexico the most achievements on the world’s stage as it has produced up to 204 world champions which is more than any other country. In-fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, boxing is the second-most popular sport in Mexico after soccer.

It started far back in the 19th century but as at that time, the sport was majorly for amateurs and as such was held in very low regards. The sport was majorly popular in the Golf ports then and sailors mostly fought each other to get money that they could drink with.

By 1921 however, the sport began to gain a little prominence and as such, the first Mexican boxing commission was set up. Rules were set up with the aim of making it a much respectable sports in the eye of the society and to add some regulation to the dangerous sport, after several accidents had already happened. Past notions are hard to change however and people still saw it as a sport for drunks and amateurs.

The first professional Mexican boxer was Miguel Ángel Febles; he trained in Cuba with John Budinich and returned to Mexico in 1915 and started organizing and participating in boxing competitions. Mexico’s first Olympic medal in boxing was won by Francisco Cabañas Pardo In 1932, at the LA summer Olympics. The Mexican Style of boxing made its way to the US when people began emigrating from Mexico to the US. This style involved a lot of offensive moves and punches with very little care for defense. Boxing enthusiasts call this the best type of boxing to watch as there is usually a lot of action during fights like that.

In the 1960s, representatives from across the boxing world (Latin America, Europe, Asia and United States) came together to form the World Boxing Council, this was boxing’s first global ruling body. Due to Mexico’s influence on boxing at that time, one of the organization’s stated goals was protecting Mexican boxers from promoters and managers in the United States.

Present day boxing is still strongly associated with Mexicans as their culture and a huge part of their heritage. For Mexicans, they believe that the sport allows them to adequately represent their people and culture, brings them together and also allows them to jointly identify with something positive and victorious.

Boxing has now become prominent, so much so that it has gone way beyond a sport. It is now a profession for some even. It is now very dominant in different parts of the world especially in the United States. In fact, presently, the USA is the world’s top boxing country. There are many boxing studios all around America. So just in-case you are interested in boxing and you find yourself in say San Diego for instance, there are many local boxing studios in San Diego. One of the most popular boxing gym in Southern California is Old School Boxing And Fitness Center. You can always enroll in one of them and learn the sport.