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Exploring Austin Texas

Posted on 10 April 2018 by admin (0)

Oh, Austin. Just because this city shows up on tourism packages with the slogan “Keep Austin Weird”, people thought that weirdness is all Austin is about. If only they explored the city outside the SXSW euphoria. Finding a city this interesting meant rediscovering that part of America known for the barbecues, the fusion cuisine and chill places to hang out for the night. And it only gets better once you tried dropping by with these tips at hand.

  • Beware of hotel price hikes during SXSW season.

Austin is the home of SXSW. SXSW stands for South by Southwest, a festival done yearly on this side of Texas celebrating movies, music and other forms of entertainment media. While it is already April, some of these hotels might still be jacking up their rates. So in case you don’t feel like getting that SXSW vibe but still wanted to explore the city during its “off-season”, booking by June like early summer would help.

  • Better breakfasts are found outside your hotel.

Surely, hotels would make it a point to have the local cuisine available in their menu. But knowing how hotel prices affect prices of food sold within their vicinity, So exploring the recommended areas by Austin to check out the Tex Mex variety helps. Some of them may be on your itinerary already. Check out the travel packages that specify which grills and restaurants are included.

  • More options are found in the food truck areas.

Now if you just dropped by Austin because you want to kill time while waiting for your house to get cleaned and dry out the fumes from all of that cleaning solution used on the carpets and rugs and whatever item that needed that kind of cleaning, food trucks are the best pit stops to drop by. Some folks from Oklahoma and nearby states hop into Austin due to the positive word-of-mouth received from other foodies that have explored these food trucks. Beef briskets on a grill to go with the sizzling sausages topped off with the chicken fried steak. Brilliant way to spend the weekend on this side of the lone star state.

  • Night out!

Since barbecue is mentioned, the sensible way to follow up those gustatory delights is by having some drinks to follow. Snacks by the food trucks to be followed by drinks at the Bourbon Beale Street later? Yes, please. Best enjoyed with friends especially if you’re just about to try bourbon drinks for the first time. Other options are found at Rainey Street. An interesting bistro by the name of Alissa’s is found there. If you’d rather have it laid back, watering holes by Rainey Street provide an option for you to drink up and chill.

Learning to come to Austin based on these expectations help in approaching the city based on a laid-back vibe. Because the most underrated aspect of travel is the food and drinks. Either you embrace it along with the amazing scenery and eccentric atmosphere or you just skip to the tacos and barbecue joints. Have a sumptuous food trip ahead.