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Jeju Island In South Korea

Posted on 27 February 2020 by admin (0)

Why this island needs to be the number one travel destination in South Korea:
This island is situated in the Jeju Province of South Korea. This Island is very versatile and very beautiful.
Words cannot describe how beautiful it is and how much I liked being there. Thanks to a referral from a friend, owner, and operator of Quality Movers Escondido, one of the top Escondido moving companies.
I am writing down all the reasons why this should be a top travel destination in South Korea.

Mountains: Mount Hallasan

This beautiful Jeju Island and its mount hallasan are a dream place for every hiker and standing almost 2000 meters high above the sea level. It is a volcanic mountain but a dormant one for sure. The whole Jeju Island actually is formed due to this mountain. It’s green, full of waterfalls and a lot of hiking treks are there so you can hike all the way to the top.

Manjanggul Cave

The second most beautiful place on island is majanggul cave, this cave was formed thousands of years when lava cooled down. This cave is awesome and terrifying at the same time. You will see lava stones that form a scenic view of the cave. The stones have taken various shapes and sizes. This is one of the most exciting places to go for an adventurer traveler.

Jeju Olle

It is a trail for hiking. Olle means windy coastal trail in Korean. It is a very long trail comprises of 422 km. the scenes along the trails are so beautiful that one cannot simply describe them, also the route itself is not so difficult for hiking. So walk along shore and trail at the same time.

The Water Fall

Cheonjeyeon waterfalls Means Pong of God and they really are. I have seen waterfalls at many places but these waterfalls are simply something else. The lush green view and water dropping from high altitude to ground. The day I have visited these waterfalls is one the best day in my life. The crystal blue water and stones and that sound I loved that all.


This Island has several beaches full of white sand and blue waters sight. Jungmun beach is famous for surfing on the waves. Hiepuja Beach is the place we all crave for this beautiful waterfront, and Huawei Sasuke Beach for a lesser-known hangout and/or cake sash.

Since the islands are full of basalt rock (thanks to Hallasan), there are also many beautiful coastal cliffs to check out. In fact, the Three Sisters keep an eye on the good as Jeju rocks ‘tall rocks to look at’.

The Dongdaemun Market:

It is a market in the island where every life commodity is available. You can go for a walk and interact with people of the island and tourists as well. Price-wise this is a very affordable place to shop anything. It’s a typical Asian islander market.


The men in Jeju Island are very welcoming and friendly and very hardworking people while Jeju women are called Haenyo or the sea women because they dive so deep in the sea to catch their food. These women are so amazing, brave and very friendly. These are my views about Jeju Island, I loved this place, a bit underrated but very amazing and mesmerizing place. This place deserves to be seen and shared with the world. Check out this awesome Youtuber traveling and exploring the great Jeju Island.